Aurora Beams

I was looking for a name, an inspiring name, for my coaching blog. A name that signifies a new start, a new beginning and a new life. For me coaching means making a change or even a transformation which also means starting a new path in personal life or in professional life; change in lifestyle, beliefs, behaviors, job or even change of career. So I needed to find a name that expresses a new start.

I thought about Sunrise, I found it so expressive. It symbolizes not only a new start but hope as well, we all relate, in all cultures, a new day to hope but I found another coach who uses the same name for her page on face book so I decided to find another one for my blog and my fan page on facebook as well. I have a close friend who is a translator so I decided to ask for her help and she came up with the fantastic name AURORA, I felt so excited about it and I felt it really expresses what I want to say. I thought about making it Aurora  Lights but my friend suggested Aurora Beams as it gave the sense of direction. 

That’s exactly what coaching do. It helps to find a new start in the right direction so using the name to express new start with direction is so inspiring, at least for me for the moment and I hope it does for my clients. I liked to share the story of my blog’s name with you and next Monday, at 1:00 PM Cairo time, I will publish my first post on it. I hope you find value in all of my posts and they can help you to face life’s challenges or solve some of your problems and I will be glad to help you to do it. Please share with me your stories, your comments and your questions I will be glad to support you any time.

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