Role of beliefs in shaping our lives

Webuild our belief system all along our lives. With every experience we gothrough and according to the outcome of the experience we gain a new beliefabout ourselves and our abilities and depending on this belief we have somefeelings that we behave according to.

Thebeliefs we gained when we were young have huge impact on our lives even afterwe grew up. Think of a situation when you were young and where you wereacknowledged, appraised and encouraged, how do you feel every time you rememberit or when you go through a similar experience? Think of another one where youwere blamed and criticized, how do you feel about it? Do you accept to gothrough it again? Forme, in the first situation, I feel proud of my achievement, self confident,valuable and believe in my capabilities. In the second I may feel guilty,ashamed, un-confident and I may avoid going through the same experience again.In both cases the outcome of the experience is the cause of my belief and forsure if I had another outcome in both experiences, I would have a differentbelief about it although I am the same person.

Weall had gained a set of empowering beliefs about ourselves and our capabilitiesduring our childhood and youth and these beliefs were due to the outcomes of the different experiences we went through, these beliefs are serving us, supportingus and they are the reason behind our success and happiness. And another set ofdisempowering and limiting beliefs which are the reason behind our lack of selfconfidence, self esteem and unhappiness. I like to call it limiting more thandisempowering because it expresses how these beliefs are preventing us fromreaching the unlimited opportunities we can find in life. These beliefs causenegative feelings and negative self talk that always tell us that we are notgood, we don’t deserve, why make effort while we know that we will fail, it’suseless to try, and many other patterns of negative self talk. The limitingbeliefs and the negative self talks are a fact in our life, who of us didn’texperience these kinds of negative thoughts? But the difference betweendifferent people is how they deal with their inner negative self talk. Theessential is to be aware when the negative self talk starts and how to silenceit.

Itisn’t impossible to replace our disempowering and limiting beliefs by morepositive ones that serve and support us to achieve more success but we need togo through some steps to reach the goal of getting rid of a limiting belief.
Iwill share with you some tips that worked for me to let go my limiting beliefs andreplace this negative self talk about myself by a more positive one.
  • ·        Repeatingaffirmations (positive and empowering statements) daily. It brings a greatpositive energy.
  • ·        Keepinga list of my previous successes and achievements and reviewing it regularly orwhen I feel down.
  • ·        Writingabout different situations I went through and their outcomes and examine howthis limiting belief has badly influenced my life and think about how toreplace it.
  • ·        Surroundmyself with positive people to support me when I am down and to remind me ofthe positive and the achievements in my life.

Theseare some structures that worked for me, so feel free to share (in the commentsbox) what worked for you in the past or what you think may work for you to letgo your limiting beliefs; and feel free to send your questions, I will be gladto support you.

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