Motherhood something I am grateful for


Since I was early twenties I was dreaming of being a mother. I adored children and I found them a real blessing from Allah. Taking a child in my arms was the most pleasurable thing I could do. But I could never imagine or feel how precious a child is for his mother until I became a mother myself.

I had my first child at the age of thirty and the second six years later. I was pregnant once between my boys but I lost it. I couldn’t express my happiness when I knew about my pregnancy that time. I was madly happy even more than I was with my first baby but this happiness didn’t last long and I lost it. It took me more than three other years to get pregnant again with my second child who is now nine years old. I am madly in love with my children they are the source of my happiness, I smile just when I see them or remember them when I am on my own. They are my treasure, my fortune and my reason for living. Being grateful and thankful for Allah for offering me these two precious creatures is the least I can do.

Why I tell you that because there are millions of mothers like me all over the world who are fighting to protect their children and to keep them healthy. Let’s support them with Shot@life with a small amount of money to save their children’s lives. These children may be the only source of happiness to these women living in very poor countries. Nobody else than mothers can feel the pain they may experience when they are unable to provide the necessary vaccines for their beloved children. Let’s support them and tell them they have sisters all over the world who care for them and their children.

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