Coaching with Nihad felt effortless, I never felt that I had to have the right words or that I was being judged. I appreciated her empathy to my situation and her ability to connect with me wherever I needed to go in the process all the while keeping me on track. She was able to guide without being overbearing or controlling, I always felt that I was in control however she always kept me on task and moving forward. Nihad was a great coach, and despite our geographic and cultural differences she was always able to exhibit an understanding of where I was coming from and I felt that she genuinely cared about my feelings as well as my growth and commitment to the process.”
Jalana Harris, Psychotherapist/Social Worker
New York City, USA

I am continually impressed with her language skills and her truly incredible knowledge of English – I often forget it is not her first language. Nihad asks open ended, powerful questions to get me thinking. She also asks me to look forward. She keeps the space open and safe and allows time to reflect and think through the questions she asks. Nihad was definitely able to create awareness within me. She effortlessly identified where I was creating additional pressure for myself and asked me to think about ways I can go easy on myself. She offered continuous support and encouraged me to allow myself time to transition.
Dawn McDaniel, Small business owner
Portland, CT , USA

I have been blessed to be coached by Nihad. She’s a true professional, respectful, understanding, honest and sweet. She’s always willing to help and most importantly to listen to you. She helped feel more confident, she helped me create new habits; she helped see my issues from a different perspective, she helped me create structures to support me from now on. If you want to breathe a sigh of relief after each session, then I highly recommend coaching with Nihad. I want to take this opportunity to Thank Nihad for the amazing job she has done with me, thank you Nihad for being there for me.
Jackeline Cobian, Communication – Marketing and Event organizer
Lima -Peru

Nihad has a friendly and warm coaching style, which is almost disarming. One moment you think you are having a chat, the next she has asked the most relevant question which triggers a lightbulb moment, and all becomes clear. She is a pleasure to work with and crucially, effective!
Sasha Turki, Life coach
Bristol, UK

Nihad is a highly skilled and compassionate coach who blends just the right touch of empathy and productive coaching questions that helped me become unstuck about self care issues I had been putting off. She empowered me to set realistic, measurable, time limited goals to get me moving in the right direction. Her coaching has the right blend of kindness and firmness so that it is both enjoyable and effective. I have no hesitation recommending her services to anyone wanting to make changes in their lives.
Jan Bavea, Career Development Practitioner
New South Wales, Australia

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