What is coaching?

self confidence

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Coaching is a discovery journey to help you understand your strengths, your talents, your fears and your beliefs that is governing your behaviors. It helps you overcome your fears, gain more self confidence and self esteem, replace your limiting beliefs by more empowering ones. You can understand the relationship between your behavior, your feelings and your thoughts and how you can change your behavior by changing your thoughts.

Coaching is a relation between two persons, the coach and the client. The client talks about herself, her dreams and her challenges and the coach listens, asks powerful questions, provides feedback, help the client gain awareness and the most important of all the support the life coach provides to the client to overcome blockages, frustrations, disappointments and to keep them moving forward.

Empowering women is my main objective.The awareness the client is gaining all along the coaching process allow her to discover more about her true self, her strengths, her dreams and her values. By following up the 5 steps of my program Radiant Ladies Program my client can make a huge change in her life.

My coaching approach

In my coaching I start by creating a trusting safe space for my client by listening to what she says, her feelings and her concerns without
judging or advising. I believe that my client is the expert of her life and she doesn’t need my advice, all she needs is my support.
By asking powerful coaching questions, I help my client reflect deeply to gain awareness about her strengths, her beliefs, her fears, her dreams and her values. Once the client is aware, she is in control of her life.
For the client who is unable to move forward I focus on finding out what beliefs or fears she has about herself or about a situation. Beliefs and fears are key elements in the coaching process and as long as the client holds disempowering beliefs about herslf or fears she will sabotage her and any progress will be temporary.
I help my client take more empowering beliefs, positive thoughts, positive attitude and push her fears away using affirmations, taking risk, trying what she fears, and taking bold steps. In addition to the support all along the journey.
Together we put an action plan for achieving the goal, I keep my client accountable by following up her progress weekly, finding out how to overcome any blockages she may face, acknowledging her efforts and celebrating her achievements.
With every action my client is taking and every obstacle she is overcoming she is getting closer to her goal and her dream. She is learning, growing, realizing success, and gaining self confidence and self esteem.

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